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Posted by Ruben Chauca on 01 June 2018 10:54 AM


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Dear PowerSchool Admins and Principals,

In an effort to relieve schools of multiple surveys, OCS and the SBTC Helpdesk has used information from the Calendar survey given to principals in January - April to gather information needed for Green Sheets and End of Year questions.  The SBTC helpdesk will communicate to schools if any follow up information is needed.

PowerSchool Trainings

The following trainings will be available this summer and fall to PowerSchool admins and teachers:

PowerSchool Admin Refresher Webinars

Choose one of the three sessions below.  The webinars will be recorded and will cover the following:

  • Re-registration
  • Sibling registration
  • OCS Survey
  • Tax credit scholarship fields
  • What’s new in version 11
  • OCS Expectations (required fields, transfers, and more)

Choose one:


New PowerSchool Admin 2-day Training

Both days are required.  Sessions will run 9:30-2:30 with a working lunch provided.  They will be held at the Cardinal Meyer Center. Choose from one of the two in-person sessions available:


PowerTeacher Pro Demo Webinar for Admins

This webinar will demo the new version of PowerTeacher that can be used with chromebooks


PowerSchool Advanced Admin Training Webinar

This webinar is for admins who would like to learn more advanced features.  
Please submit questions to answer during the training by July 6th here.


PowerTeacher Gradebook for Teachers

Webinar for teachers to learn how to use the PowerTeacher Gradebook


PowerTeacher Pro Intro for Teachers

This webinar will show teachers how to use the new version of PowerTeacher.  
*Please verify with the school’s PowerSchool admin if PowerTeacher is turned on*